At Grapevine Education, we hold decades of experience working with college leadership to systemize college operations in a way that allows for performance maximization across entire organizations. Here are some of the accolades we have received from our higher education partners:

“Grapevine’s CEO has been called the weatherman within higher education! Dino has duplicated his student movement concepts across major colleges and universities by increasing data views and staff awareness with daily approaches that could be trusted throughout each department. Through the combination of operational expertise, scientific admission approaches, extreme data awareness, and an all-inclusive leadership approach, results become contagious throughout the brand. This in turn improves overall functional direction and efficiencies, operational control, and lessons the risk for proper student growth.”  

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Four-Year Colleges: 

“After working with Dino and Grapevine Education, our university has seen every department be recognized as a top producer. This included Director leadership from Admissions, Finance, and Academics. By working with Grapevine, we have achieved top data results, empowerment, and unmatched unity across divisions.”

Multi-Campus Colleges:

“Grapevine came in and took over operations in our struggling school system, introducing hybrid, online, and student movement concepts that created revenue in the first 90 days. These measurable results were something that had not been achieved in our five years of existence.” 

Career Colleges:

“Grapevine took data driven analysis to a new level, creating a systematic approach to the data that allowed for guidance of our 40-school system to focus on improvement. Results were dramatic as there was a clear solution for every campus performance dynamic, such as low staff level, inconsistent leadership, lead flow issues, and extension of program and operational focus. This resulted in a cherished centralized system for the entire organization that has continued to produce consistent results.”

Online Colleges:

“Dino ‘The Weatherman’ has years and years of experience structuring admissions systems, and has shown he has the ability to predict admission forecasting before anyone could see the results. Dino has dedicated years to understanding student behaviors and developing an inclusive leadership approach to address the challenges students face. After working with Dino and Grapevie, the results were the creation of top performing divisions and expansion to become one of the top OPM colleges in the nation. Dino’s repeatable process was then used to grow the entire college system due to the consistent nature of approach and staff empowerment.”

Small Colleges:

“Grapevine increased admission data CRM to include a conversational based strategy that allowed for admission leadership to focus on creating proper student body structure. We were able to increase marketing inflow by 100% and maximized the admission consistency model to create a structure and growth foundation that could be trusted and repeated.”


“Working with Grapevine we were able to identify a program mix, admission strength, and marketing spends to maximize lead opportunities and create a channel approach that is similar or more cost effective than our previous model. Following this review, we established online operations with an additional three program inclusion that further expands marketing and community placement for our college.”


“Dino’s focus on increasing data driven awareness for all operational departments in order to understand student experience and daily behavioral structure helped us identify operational efficiency improvements and implement communication plans to help with ongoing overall department performance. Grapevine provided us with a sound review and actionable items that helped us to increase department