Grapevine Education combines Admissions, Marketing, and Operations into an integrated, organized systematic approach.       

Grapevine works closely with our partners in higher education in order to help them achieve the following:

  • Implementation of processes, organizational structure, and staff- culture improvement that enhances the workmanship of existing staff. This includes focus on efficiency, process improvement, quality, and data awareness. 
  • Streamlined admission department awareness: We guide all departments in a systemized approach that utilizes data, producing a consistent trustworthy admissions model that is data-driven with an ongoing specific tangible focus. 
  • An admission focus that is oriented around student movement and is designed through high level performance and daily awareness.
  • A data-based, systemized, integrated approach to admissions and marketing that shows consistent measurable results and that can be replicated across all departments and campuses.


Grapevine’s systematic approach to integrated admissions and marketing can be replicated across all programs, departments, and campuses in order to achieve consistent and reliable results. We achieve this through:

  • Identifying operational skill gaps: We identify areas that can be improved upon to encourage sustainable, responsible growth. Grapevine will review all current operations by department and outline an unbiased strategic plan intended to ensure organizational success and growth. 
  • Introducing a true intent approach: We help identify your lead base culture tendencies and then systemize awareness through streamlined data tracking. 
  • Data tracking: We collect and structure marketing and admissions data in a way that allows for all staff to take action and improve overall performance across the entire organization. 
  • Staff culture improvement: We apply our resources to systemize teams in an organized manner. This in turn improves togetherness, awareness, and bottom-line results. 
  • Channel marketing: We improve true effectiveness of both quality and performance by identifying spend gaps and implementing a highly efficient and effective channel marketing approach designed to target your geographical area of operation. 
  • Integrated marketing and admission systems: We implement data awareness through creation of a CRM and Dashboard in order to conduct ongoing monitoring of both lead quality and conversation-based occurrences within admissions. We use this data to systemize processes and staff performance to improve the overall results. 


The end result is a systemized and consistent model of focus you can trust. The integration of admissions and marketing creates a harmonic system in which your organization will experience an improved staff climate, consistent admissions results, and an informed awareness that can be continually acted upon for optimal ongoing performance.